Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now we have two little boys to post on! Brody isnt old enough yet to say anything to make us laugh but his sweet laughter makes me laugh just the same.

Ben moments: Yesterday Ben was watching "his shows" on TV. We told him that we were going to turn them off in about 5 minutes to eat dinner. Slowly as Luis and I are talking he inconspicuously (as much as a 4 year old little buy cna be) he takes the TV remote and moves it on the other side of the room where we cant get to it. Thats thinking outside the box;)

We were watching TV before bed and having some M&M's in a cup. Ben has eaten about 100 in 5 seconds so I tell him, no more. Then I start talking with Luis back behind me while he is changing Brody. Ben slowly slips away and I don't really notice until I hear, "Hey Mom, I'm just going to sit back here behind the couch for a while, ok? Hmmm odd.....I look down and notice most all of the M&M's are gone. :) He is behind the couch guzzling M&M's:) Sneaky little man