Friday, August 3, 2012

From The Mouth of My Babe!

1. "Mom the toilet isn't working"
"Why Ben, what do you mean"
"I dont know mommy, the people in it will not make it flush"....

2. While watching the women's gymnastics team final olympics. " Mommy those girls have tummies on their top under their necks like you" :)

3. While at a restaurant. "Ben what would you like for dinner?" Oh yum I want chicken wings! Mom, what are chicken wings?

4. While I was standing at there top of our stairs and he was at the bottom. "Mom if I had my rope from Pop Pops house I would throw it up to you and then I would be Spiderman and swing up and get you. 

5. "When the baby comes I'm going to take him and throw him so high up in the sky up to Jesus."